The following fields are required to be filled in for the request form to be considered for rental space at Picton United Church.
Who Are You- Fill in the one(s) that best describes your organization
Organization: - The name of the organization requesting space at Picton United Church
Contact: - The name of the person requesting space for the above organization.
Telephone: - The telephone number the contact person can be reached at.
Email: - The email address of the contact person
Name of the Event or Program: -
Approx Attendance: - Number of people using the space
Briefly describe the purpose and nature of the event or program: -
Insurance information: - Non PUC organizations will require insurance
Signature of Sponsor's contact person and Application Date
The request form is to be completed in full printed and signed. This signed form can be delivered to Picton United Church by hand, by mail or by email (address below) to property and finance.