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White Chapel

The White Chapel was the first Methodist Church in Prince Edward County and one of the earliest in Upper Canada. Construction began by William Moore in 1809 and the church as it now stands was completed in 1811. The White Chapel has been maintained as a place of worship for a longer period that any other church of Methodist origin in all of Ontario.

Designated an historic site, the White Chapel is an excellent example of early North American Methodist Church architecture. The chapel is a masterpiece of frame construction and an amazing demonstration of period craftsmanship. Despite the decline of the White Chapel's congregation due to the dwindling population in Hallowell Mills, the White Chapel remained. It pays tribute to the County's pioneers and their Christian faith.

For further history a online booklet is available here

To book the Chapel for a Wedding or to schedule a visit,
please contact the church at 613-476-6050.

You can also visit the Chapel during the regular summer hours:
every Sunday in July and August from 1:00pm to 3:00p